Have you ever wondered what the most dangerous traffic situations are? According to the Highway Loss Data Institute (HDLI), about half of all urban crashes occur in intersections, up to an estimated 1.7 million crashes each year!

And contrary to what one might think, a majority of these accidents occur at intersections with traffic signals. Over 50%. And over 50% of these accidents result in injuries to the driver or passenger. And the risks are not limited to those riding in cars. Pedestrians are also at risk while crossing an intersection.

Other studies have noted that as you get older, intersections become increasingly difficult to navigate, due to the increasing reluctance of older drivers to yield to traffic. Also, slower reaction time, poorer eyesight and decreased hearing were contributing factors.

Seeing as how accidents still occur in large numbers in intersections with traffic signals, drivers need to be on high alert when entering any intersection, whether it is a blind intersection, or has yield signs, stop signs or traffic signals. Drivers may be relying on the signal to determine their right of way, and not looking around the intersection first for potential dangers.