If the Insurance Adjuster is Calling, Do You Answer?


Your adjuster is calling, and so is the adjuster of the other driver, and they want to talk.

You were just in a car accident, and you have not yet hired an attorney. Now an adjuster is calling you, your insurance company is calling you, your doctor is calling you, what do you do?

This entirely depends on the situation you are in, and exactly who is calling you. If you were just in a very simple accident, maybe you are more inclined to go ahead and chat with either adjuster. However, if you were in a more serious accident, with significant damage to your vehicle and injury to yourself, you will want to think about this a little more.

You should always talk to your own adjuster. In fact, it may be required under your policy. However, if you are uncomfortable even talking to your own insurance company, you may contact an attorney and have the communications coordinated through the attorney.

If you do talk to the adjuster of your own insurance company, answer their questions as briefly as possible. You never know when your own insurance company may actually become your adversary in proceedings, such as in uninsured/underinsured motorist situations.

When it comes to the adjuster for the other driver or vehicle, it is best you don’t talk to them at all. You are under no obligation to do so. They may try to get a statement from you, and this can only do harm, no good. They are there to build up a case against you or reduce any award. Everything they do or so is to further this goal. Again, avoid talking to the adjuster for the other driver. And don’t even think about giving a recorded statement. Any requests for documents, medical records, etc. should also be dismissed.

If you are confident in yourself, and your accident case is relatively small (less than $2,000 in economic damages including lost pay, medical expenses) then when you are ready, you can go ahead and contact the adjuster and begin your own navigation.

If the economic damages are much higher however, you may want to seek the services of an attorney because it is more likely the insurance companies will attempt to entice you in taking a settlement much less than it is probably worth. Again, they are there to keep costs of claims as low as possible. They will do anything to further that goal.